GIS Corrosion Mapping

GIS Atmospheric and Soil Corrosion Map Team Matergenics is one of the first companies to pioneer meaningful GIS mapping to the corrosion world. Others are trying to follow. We are experiencing increased demand from the largest US utility companies for our corrosion mapping services. SCE, ATC… and SDG&E, two major California utilities, are now utilizing these maps, and are requesting more for 2020. Recently we were retained by a major company to assist them in developing a corrosion risk assessment map for their service territory.  The genesis of this project started when they found severe below-ground corrosion after a short time in service.  Considering that they had several thousand structures across their service territory, the thought of inspecting each and every one of the structures would be a monumental task.  In consulting with Matergenics it was decided that the best way to approach this would be to develop a corrosion risk assessment map of their service territory.  The map would identify areas of high, medium and low below-ground corrosion risks. As part of this project, we performed carefully selected field inspections in each of the various risk areas.  The data was then used to confirm the accuracy of the corrosion risk assessment map.  Once the map was completed our customers were able to concentrate their resources on structures located in high corrosion risk areas.  The mapping effort has been completed and we have provided the client with a map in ArcGIS which they will put into our GIS system.  Customers are using the map for many things (operation, maintenance, geotechnical) with regards to other steel corrosion efforts

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