Matergeincs GIS is at the forefront of integrating Geographical Information Systems (GIS) with a variety of engineering and agricultural applications. We offer comprehensive services in soil corrosion mapping, atmospheric corrosion mapping, and agricultural mapping to help you meet your needs and address complex issues.


The relevant data will be collected with respect to the project objectives. The information will consist of distinctive sets of data.


Data layers are corrected for errors and compared using a proprietary weighting system. External corrosion factors like stray current and AC interference are considered.


A final map is produced according to project objectives and recommendations can be made.

Soil Corrosion Mapping

Chemical, physical, and geological properties of soil influence below ground corrosion rates of steel structures. Individual soil properties and a final corrosion map identifying areas of highest corrosion rates can be produced and customized per request.

Atmospheric Corrosion Mapping

Atmospheric aerosols can play a major role in the weathering of steel structures. We offer a mapping service to track the annual deposition and identify areas of high concern for above ground corrosion.

Agricultural Site Assessment

Crop production is strongly influenced by soil properties. We identify stressed vegetation, examine soil properties, and make recommendations accordingly.

Mapping for Climate Change

Climate change is a pressing issue that directly impacts weather patters, soil moisture, flooding, sea level rise, and temperature. Showing past and current trends allow companies to plan for, track, and mitigate the change.

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